BottleDrop FAQs


Please use the Location Finder to find a Redemption Center near you.

All of our centers are open from 9am or earlier - 6pm daily. Delta Park, Glisan, and Tigard are open from 8am - 6pm daily.


No. You’re welcome to walk in and use the Self - Serve machines or the Hand Count option.

No. You can only activate an existing account online. You must go to a BottleDrop Center to sign up for an account.

Signing up for a BottleDrop account is free. Once you sign up, you will also receive your first two green bags free. After that, the bags cost 15 cents each. There is also a 25 cent processing fee for each bag that is dropped off. All fees are debited from your account.

Two BottleDrop bags per day, per account. If you have more than two BottleDrop bags, please call to schedule a drop appointment at 1-877-912-2019.

No. All cans and bottles must be whole with labels intact. Bags should also be free of trash or debris.

At any BottleDrop Redemption Center. For new accounts, the first two bags are free. After that, bags may be purchased at your local redemption center for 15 cents each.

You may have received a free bag voucher as part of a contest or promotion. The voucher will either be printed at one of the BottleDrop retailer kiosks, or via email. For electronic vouchers, you can print the voucher and bring it into any BottleDrop center, or present it on your mobile device to a customer service associate. Vouchers are for one-time use only, non-transferable, and subject to expiration dates and contest rules.

You can use your BottleDrop card to check your balance at any BottleDrop Redemption Center, any BottleDrop retailer kiosk, or online at

Withdraw cash from the Pay Station at any BottleDrop Redemption center.

For any BottleDrop Account problems, please stop by a BottleDrop location and ask a customer service associate for assistance. You can also call our toll - free line at 1-877-912-2019, or send us an email at

Approximately 75-100 containers depending on size and type. If your bag has glass only, please fill about half full.There is a 20lb weight limit due to your safety and the safety of our staff.


If your favorite charity is not listed, they can apply for a Featured Fundraising Account at

You will receive a tax receipt from OBRC for your donation. The charity group will also receive a record of your donation. Please contact the charity for any other tax related documentation.

If you already clicked on the donation confirmation page, the donation is final.

A special BottleDrop account that allows nonprofit organizations to appear on and gives the opportunity for any BottleDrop account holder to transfer their deposit funds to any of the featured charities listed.

Only charities that have been approved as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS. This includes schools and churches.

Yes. There is a one-time $25 set up fee.

If you have containers you would like to donate to your charity, you are welcome to use your personal BottleDrop Account and then transfer the funds online. If you have a large quantity of deposit containers that have been collected by a charity, click here to learn about our traditional fundraising option.

To access the monies in a Fundraising account, you will need to sign in to the account and request a check. Checks are processed and mailed within 10-15 business days.

No. For increased security, Featured Fundraising account monies cannot be withdrawn in cash. They can only be withdrawn via check request, and will only be sent to the address listed on the IRS nonprofit verification letter.

Our new blue bags will allow the approved Featured Fundraisers and their supporters to collect bottles and cans in special blue bags that will be directly credited to the fundraiser account.

Fundraiser Blue Bags can be purchased online in rolls of 10 and picked up at any BottleDrop center. Simply sign into your fundraiser account at and click the “purchase supplies” tab. You can use a credit or debit card to purchase bags, or use account funds if available. You MUST purchase bags online before picking them up at a BottleDrop Center. BLUE BAGS CANNOT BE PAID FOR INSIDE THE BOTTLEDROP CENTER.

No. We do not save credit card information for your security.

To prevent unauthorized people from purchasing bags with your fundraising account.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Rolls of 10 bags, up to 10 rolls at a time (100 bags)

Contact us at 877-912-2019 to purchase more than 100 bags at a time.

Your purchased blue bag credits are valid at any BottleDrop Center until collected. If one center runs out of blue bags, the remainder of your order can be picked up at a different location or at a later time.

Yes, but they are two separate accounts and each require a $25 registration fee.


A remote BottleDrop bag receptacle located in a grocery store parking lot. BottleDrop Express locations are accompanied by an in-store kiosk that allows customers to sign up for a BottleDrop account and print bag tags or refund vouchers.

The Express program is currently in the pilot phase while we gather and analyze data for how well it works. More locations will be available soon.

Use our location finder and look for the orange indicator on the map.

You will need a valid driver’s license to sign up at the in-store kiosk. We do not use your personal information for any other purpose than to set up your account and contact you if there are issues with your account.

You may drop off up to two bags per person per day.

You can purchase a roll of ten bags for $1.50 inside the store and print out more tags at the kiosk.

Yes, the same card and bags can be used whether you are using them at a BottleDrop Center or the Express.


A bottle is purchased and the beer is consumed. The bottle is returned to a BottleDrop facility. The bottle is returned to Double Mountain. Double Mountain has the bottle washed, fills the bottle with beer, and the cycle continues.

OBRC is partnering with local brewery Double Mountain, a pioneer in refillable beer bottles. As the program grows, it will be open to other Oregon breweries. Reusable beer bottles are common in Europe and Canada, as well as other parts of the world. It’s time for Oregon to lead in the US!

No, there is a 10-cent deposit on refillable as well as other deposit bottles.

Yes, studies show reduced carbon footprint, water usage, and transportation costs. Overall, reusing a bottle is better for the environment than just about any one-way packaging.

No. When reused many times, a resuable bottle is cheaper for breweries than a single one-way bottle.

Pilot phase 1: OBRC is partnering with Double Mountain Brewery to collect their refillable bottles through all BottleDrop facilities. OBRC will return those bottles to Double Mountain for reuse.

Pilot phase 2 (ETA Fall 2017): OBRC will centralize bottle processing, purchasing custom refillable bottles directly for distribution to breweries. Participation will be open to any brewery. Bottles will be washed by a contractor.

Full implementation (ETA early 2019): OBRC will house a full wash line, collecting, processing, washing, and distributing all bottles in the program.

Use refillable containers, and return to your local BottleDrop for processing. If you’re from a brewery and looking to enter our refillable program, contact Carrie Juergens at


Yes, we will need some personal information to set up a BottleDrop account.

Providing your personal information allows us to contact you if there are any issues with your account.

Authorized BottleDrop and OBRC staff.

The BottleDrop Privacy Policy may be viewed here, or by using the link at the bottom of any page.


You can get 20% more for your bottle and can return.

At a BottleDrop kiosk, located inside participating retailers, choose PLUS and select the amount you want to grow by 20%. Then print out your store credit slip and shop.

No, unfortunately you can’t. So keep your credit slips safe.

No, the total value of your PLUS credit slip must be spent at the selected retailer.