Refillable glass bottles for Oregon's craft beverages.

Refillable Bottles. Reborn.

Choose Sustainability

Choose Sustainability.

BottleDrop refillable bottles are made in Oregon, from recycled glass, and are reused up to 25 times. Refillable bottles contribute only a fraction of the carbon footprint compared to recycled cans or bottles.

Choose Taste

Choose Taste.

The purity of glass showcases the flavor of your craft beverage perfectly from producer to bottle. When taste matters, glass wins.

Choose Refillables.

Choose Refillables.

BottleDrop refillable bottles have a 10₵ deposit and can be returned just like any other bottle:

 - To your local BottleDrop or BottleDrop Express

 - To a retailer

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To put your beer in BottleDrop Refill bottles, contact Nick Munson-Phelps

For media or other inquiries about BottleDrop Refill, contact Joel Schoening