About BottleDrop

Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative

BottleDrop Centers are operated and funded by Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) in partnership with participating grocery retailers. OBRC is a member-owned, cooperative corporation that acts on behalf of beverage distributors to administrate Oregon’s bottle bill, collecting and processing over 98% of all containers sold and redeemed throughout Oregon. With over 20 years of experience in bottle bill operations, OBRC picks up from nearly 3,000 grocery stores then counts, sorts, crushes, bales and recycles millions of containers a day. The entire process is funded and managed by the beverage and the retail industries – at no cost to the taxpayer.

In an effort to simplify the bottle deposit and redemption process for Oregonians, OBRC developed the BottleDrop concept; full-service redemption centers centrally located near several large retailers. In 2010, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees the Oregon bottle bill, unanimously approved development of the first BottleDrop Redemption Centers in Wood Village and Oregon City. Long range plans call for as many as 90 BottleDrop centers to open throughout the state.

For more information about OBRC and the Oregon bottle bill, visit the OBRC website: www.obrc.com